Sister Sandwich
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Review of the Sonic Rock Solstice. Stoke Prior. June 2018

Next on stage are Sister Sandwich.Fans of the Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican will be familiar with the concept. Only turned up to 11. Great parodies of classic songs, with (like the Doonicans), the punchline in the title. Mainly on a food-based theme.  ‘Sandwich Filler’ (Talking Heads), ‘Eat some Trifle’ (The Jam), ‘Egg and Bacon Sarnie’ (White Stripes), ‘I love sausage rolls’ (Joan Jett), ‘Fresh Baked Flan’ (ZZ Top). Hopefully you have got the hang of it! Some Donald Trump-based stuff too  ‘Trump it up’ (Elvis Costello). Might it have been ‘Crumpet up’ before last year?.  Great fun.

Review of support gig with Spunge - July 2013

The venue is a lovely little venue in a side street in Kidderminster, it’s got a nice bar, friendly staff and it’s all open at the sides to make the hot summer breeze float throughout, instead of making it boiling hot and unbearable. The gig is a late one, so the one and only support band gets on stage at half 9 and rocks a set of covers, but not normal covers…. No this band does bread related covers!

Sister Sandwich, are a local 4 piece whose lead singer dresses with tartan trousers, googly eye glasses and with a giant sandwich costume over the top. They do rock and pop covers including Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop and a cover of Ricky Martins Living La Vida Loca which the lyrics are changed to Living In A Toaster. They’re a cheesy cover band, but it gets the crowd rocking, everyone is smiling and dancing along, they even join in with the singing in the more punkier songs but some songs are a miss, as I suppose it’s hard to get a room of punk fans to sing along to a cover of One Directions You Don’t Know Your Beautiful. They play a nice set and get the spirits up ready for the main act.


Radio BBC Hereford & Worcester - Friday Session March 2008

"The slice of entertainment 'Sister Sandwich' serve up is never run of the mill,and tonight they superseeded themselves with a batch of balmy tunes delivered in a fun, but at no times floury style. I think the band are Bewdley born and bred, so rose to the occasion at this free night. I don't know if they need the dough, but 'Sister Sandwich' do have a new, crisp sounding C.D. out now called 'Tales From The Toaster' costing a pittance, that may help earn them a crust, though visits to their myspace mean you can sample their flavours for free whenever you wish."


COCOMAD (Lorraine Wooley)

When the Sister asked me where he could change into his dress, I was wondering whether COCOMAD (Cotteridge Community Music, Arts & Dance festival) was quite the place for Sister Sandwhich - especially when I heard about Sister's bad boy past (or was it present?!) - we hadn't even got a beer tent! But when those bad boys got on the stage, 'dressed' and sandwiched, it was was a chunky bread, ham off-the-bone with a decent amount of piccalilli type experience (as in one of your favourite sarnies - not one of those catfood on margerined white bread ones that are wet from lettuce not dried properly). As they belted out 'Walking on Sunshine' on one of the hottest days this summer, I could see that everyone was enjoying the performance .... my favourite was the courruption of Eton Rifles into Eating Trifles, however, this has caused a rift between myself and some hardened Jam/Weller fans - who will never recover from the new association. 'I can't get you out of my head' will from now on be remembered in demented psycho-stalker slow tones. Loads of people raved about the band and the COCOMAD committee all agreed it was one of the best performances of the day, we would definitely like them back next year.......


Myspace Comments:

"hi there you tasty bunch of carbohydrates, plus cheese and lettuce of course...just thought i'd let you know that you're a total bunch of lunatics and i love what you've done to those songs....brilliant!"

"why you crazy, wacky.... any friend of the humble sandwich is a friend of mine!!"

"Eek! You lot! I saw you at the Severn Stars once. You guys were fucking mental! ... its good to hear from mentalists. go on!"

"HAHAHAHA- no its ace its different but catchy- bang on i say :) "

"I've just baked some fresh bread and layed it down on the altar to SS. All Hail The Sisters! Or something..." "It's you! And you've got a video from the stars! Yay nostalgia."


Seven Stars (Holly)

Hi, just like to say thankyou for giving The Stars a proper send-off last night, what better way to do it than a chap dressed up as a sandwich, and an assortment of fine, fine covers. Keep it up, I'll be at your next local gig!


Take a bite out of this Sarny!!

Rich Montgomery - 25/03/05 (previously posted on Punk News - ( I've listened to and loved their 2000 CD release 'Ready, Bready, Cook' (as 'Sister Sandwich & The Buttered Buns') for the last five years and now having seen them live at last I'm an even bigger fan! I travelled up from Bristol to see them at their local 'The Talbot' in Bewdley, Worcestershire and not only are they a VERY fucking funny band but they're also all excellent musicians. Rich a.k.a Sister Sandwich came on stage dressed as a huge sandwich in a dress complete with chef's hat and mad staring eyes glasses and the joke might have worn thin but he's also a naturally very funny front man who can sing and keep the crowd dancing and laughing all night! With their high energy set of varied pop and punk covers the emphasis is on FUN but there's just the right mix of humour, love of the material and musicianship that stops it all being just one big repetitive piss-take! ou will enter the very surreal world of the Sandwich, listen, understand and leave with a big cheesey grin on your face. From their 'Ready, Bready, Cook' CD they played '500 Miles, Surfin' U.S.A, You Really Got Me and Kids in America' and through the cider haze I can also remember 'Toxic' (Britney!), 'Eton Rifles'(= Eat Some Trifle!), 'Swords of a Thousand Men' (so funny!), 'Ant Music'(just try not to sing-a-long!), some punked up 'Kylie' song and 'Gay Bar' brilliantly re-done as 'Tal-Bot' in honour of the venue that's also their local. There were other songs and the crowd that danced, sang along and LAUGHED all the way through definately wanted more and so do I! If you ever need cheering up and want to see a superb party band then Sister Sandwich is for you! Enjoy…