Sister Sandwich
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# Date Venue Other Bands/Notes
146 14/09/19 The Paul Pry, Worcester Festival MeMe Detroit, Kick the Clown
145 06/09/19 Onboard the Craft, Stoke Prior Evil Blizzard, Dr. Hasbeen
144 24/08/19 Out To Grass Festival, Bank Holiday Shenanigans  
143 04/08/19 Constitutional Club Kinver  
142 27/08/19 Sandwich Fest II, near Clee Hill The Eyes, Captain Roswell and the Lost Alien Tribe, Doctor Hasbeen, Ichabod Steam's "The Darkside", DJ Jon Hodgson
141 19/04/19 The Talbot, Bewdley  
140 23/11/18 The Eagle and Spur, Cookley  
139 17/11/18 The Wheatsheaf Rooms, Bewdley Chris P Lettuce's 50th party
138 18/08/18 Kidderminster Fringe Festival  
137 15/06/18 Sonic Rock Festival, Bromsgrove Senser
136 26/05/18 Out To Grass Festival, Bank Holiday Shenanigans  
135 27-12-17 The White Swan, Bewdley  
134 01/10/17 The Talbot, Bewdley  
133 16/09/17 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Music Festival - with the Stiff Joints
132 05-08-17 Sandwich Fest, near Clee Hill Sister Savage, Charley Wilde, Billy Whizz
131 16-06-17 Sonic Rock Festival, Bromsgrove  
130 28-05-17 Out To Grass Festival, Bank Holiday Shenanigans  
129 20-05-17 Boars Head, Kidderminster Punk By Nature All Dayer - Alcohol Licks, Humdrum Express, Flying Ant Day
128 13-04-17 The Talbot, Bewdley Charley Wilde
127 25-02-17 Black Boy Hotel, Bewdley  
126 22-12-16 The Talbot, Bewdley The erection Police
125 11-11-16 Punk in your Eyes, Boars Head Kidderminster (performed as The Damned)
124 16-09-16 Worcester Arts Workshop Worcester Music Festival - with the Stiff Joints
123 10-09-16 Boars Head, Kidderminster Punk By Nature All Dayer - with the Domestics and Eastfield
122 28-08-16 Out To Grass Festival Spaceman from the Mighty Boosh
121 01-07-16 The Talbot, Bewdley Summer Special
120 24-03-16 The Talbot, Bewdley Charley Wilde
119 05-03-16 The Pig & Drum, Worcester Billy Whizz
118 29-12-15 The White Swan, Bewdley Charley Wilde and her mate
117 06-09-15 Chicken Run Stourport Boat Club Identity Crisis, Unknown First
116 02-04-15 The Talbot  
115 25-11-14 Boars Head, Kidderminster Ichabod Steam, Sister Savage
114 01-11-14 St. Peters Church Hall, Kinver  
113 16-08-14 Ludlow Brewery  
112 08-08-14 Memorial Hall, Martley  
111 12-07-14 The Kings Head, Bishops Castle Garibaldies
110 03-07-14 Boars Head, Kidderminster The Erection police
109 07-03-14 The Pig & Drum, Worcester Shuddervision
108 18-Jan-14 Social Club, Cleobury Phoenix Nights
107 29-Dec-13 Boars Head, Kidderminster Post rockumentary madness
106 13-10-13 Leamington  
105 05-Sept-13 The Talbot, Bewdley  
104 04-Aug-13 Ludlow Brewery  
103 06-Jul-13 Boars Head, Kidderminster [Spunge!]
102 27-Dec-12 The Talbot, Bewdley  
101 10-Nov-12 Boars Head, Kidderminster Billy Whizz
100 3-Nov-12 The Pig & Drum, Worcester Shuddervision
99 27-Sep-12 The Talbot, Bewdley Sweet Fanny Adams 
98 2-Aug-12 The Talbot, Bewdley  
97 3-June-12 Boars Head, Kidderminster Cracked Actors, Erection Police, Dale Von Minaker Band
96 05-Apr-12 The Talbot, Bewdley Bring The Rope
95 31-Dec-11 Boars Head, Kidderminster  
94 08-Oct-11 Librans Ball @ Bicton Barns Flat Stanley, Inner City Unit
93 29-Sep-11 The Talbot, Bewdley Car Sick Steve
92 24-Sep-11 Boars Head, Kidderminster  
91 09-Jul-11 Wagon and Horses, Digbeth Splitters
90 21-Apr-11 The Talbot Bewdley  
89 23-Dec-10 Boars Head, Kidderminster  
88 10-Dec-10 Three Tuns, BC The Mouths
87 14-Oct-10 The Talbot, Bewdley  
86 09-Oct-10 Helicopter Hanger, Bishops Castle The BC Allstars, Fight the Bear
85 18-Sep-10 Barnboppers, Clun  Dreadzone, The Beat
84 20-May-10 The Talbot, Bewdley Car Sick Steve
83 03-Apr-10 Rugby Club, Ludlow  
82 23-Oct-09 Snowdon Eat Static
81 01-Oct-09 The Talbot, Bewdley The Surftones
80 27-Jun-09 The Bull, Ludlow Garibaldies
79 27-Jun-09 Rockstock, nr. Ludlow  
78 21-May-09 The Talbot, Bewdley Riding Giants
77 02-May-09 Barnbopper @ Bicton Barns  
76 12-Dec-08 Three Tuns, Bishops Castle Garibaldies
75 10-Oct-08 Bath Place Community centre, Leamington  
74 26-Sep-08 Kidderminster Town Hall, Kiddy Music Festival The Lines, Weak 13, The Amateurs
73 06-Sep-08 Rock Village Hall Brother Barbeque
72 30-Aug-08 The Talbot, Bewdley Riding Giants
71 20-Mar-08 Three Tuns, Bishops Castle Wailing Fungus, Cynical pinnacle
70 18-Mar-08 The Talbot, Bewdley Mystery Dick
69 01-Feb-08 The Brunswick Gloucester Billy Whizz
68 27-Dec-07 The Talbot, Bewdley Brother Baguette
67 17-Nov-07 Party Near Bewdley  
66 06-Sep-07 The Talbot, Bewdley The Unknown
65 18-Aug-07 Farnham, Surrey  
64 04-Aug-07 Ludlow Racecourse DNR
63 14-Jul-07 Bury Ditches, Bishops Castle Garibaldies
62 07-Jul-07 CocoMad Festival, Birmingham Destroyers
61 01-May-07 Buzzstock, Ludlow  
60 05-Apr-07 Talbot Bewdley Billy Whizz
59 23-Feb-07 Three Tuns, Bishops Castle Spotlight Gig
58 14-Dec-06 Talbot Bewdley The Unknown
57 01-Sep-06 Malt Shovel, Highley  
56 02-Sep-06 Hill End Festival, Mainstone Garribaldies, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Gary Potter, mini 2 person Dreadzone, organized by Fuzz Townsend 
55 02-Jun-06 Ludlow Town FC, Ludlow DNR 
54 29-Apr-06 The Varsity, Wolverhampton   
53 23-Mar-06 Seven Stars, Kidderminster  
52 25-Feb-06 Knighton Garibaldies 
51 28-Dec-05 The Talbot Inn, Bewdley   
50 20-Oct-05 The Talbot Inn, Bewdley Billy Whizz 
49 03-Jun-05 The Three Tuns, Bishop's Castle Garibaldies
48 29-May-05 The Retreat, Ledbury Billy Whizz 
47 24-Mar-05 The Talbot Inn, Bewdley Garibaldies 
46 11-Feb-05 Mainstone Hall, nr Bishop's Castle Garibaldies
45 11-Dec-04 The Village Inn, Wednesbury   
44 18-Nov-04 The Talbot, Bewdley   
43 28-Aug-04 Hill End Farm, Mainstone  Garibaldies
42 31-Jul-04 Horse and Jockey, Far Forest  
41 01-Apr-04 The Talbot, Bewdley Gringo 
40 11-Jan-04 JB's, Dudley  
39 13-Nov-03 Talbot, Bewdley   
38 10-Jul-03 Talbot, Bewdley  
37 07-Jun-03 Mainstone Hall  First gig as SISTER SANDWICH with Garribaldi 
36 06-May-01 Institute, Bewdley Sweet Fanny Adams 
35 30-Sep-00 Talbot, Bewdley   
34 04-Sep-00 Bishop's Castle Twisted Shrubbery 
33 04-Dec-99 Bishop's Castle Twisted Shrubbery 
32 19-Jul-99 Mainstone Village Hall Twisted Shrubbery 
31 ?? Oct 1998 Mitre, Stourbridge Sandstone 
30 25-Jul-98 St George's Hall, Bewdley Surftones 
29 14-Feb-98 Memorial Hall, Clun   
28 27-Dec-97 Institute, Bewdley Time Beings 
27 30-Aug-97 Laurel Tree, Camden Town Luca 
26 27-Jun-97 Highley Carnival  
24 21-Dec-96 Talbot, Cleobury Mortimer Busy Orange 
23 21-Jul-96 Talbot, Bewdley Busy Orange 
22 15-Jun-96 Talbot, Bewdley   
21 27-Apr-96 Welfare Hall, Highley Busy Orange 
20 07-Mar-96 Talbot, Bewdley 1st gig as SISTER SANDWICH and the Buttered Buns support from Busy Orange 
19 29-Dec-95 Market Tavern, Kidderminster All Dayer incl. Fretblanket 
18 08-May-95 Horn and Trumpet, Worcester Velvet Underpants 
17 25-Feb-95 Mitre, Stourbridge Jackpot, Giro 
16 10-Dec-94 St. George's Hall, Bewdley Cantaloop, Sweet Fanny Adams 
15 03-Jun-94 Heath Hotel, Bewdley   
14 22-May-94 Smiths, Bournemouth   
13 28-Mar-94 Pins, Pint and Platter, Stourbridge Velvet Underpants 
12 04-Mar-94 Mitre, Stourbridge Orange Alert 
11 27-Jan-94 Welfare Hall, Highley Genital Deformities 
10 12-Jan-94 Steppin' Out, Brierley Hill Orange Alert 
9 27-Dec-93 Market Tavern, Kidderminster All Dayer incl. Cooler than Jesus, Funbug, Another Fine Mess 
8 18-Dec-93 Sutton Arms, Kidderminster   
7 21-Aug-93 Highley Festival Genital Deformities, Orange Alert, F.O.K, Shrine 
6 31-Jul-93 Mitre, Stourbridge Orange Alert 
5 09-Jul-93 Parish Hall, Cleobury Mortimer Orange Alert, F.O.K, Septik Tankkk, SLF 
5 07-Jun-97 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham Velvet Underpants 
4 16-Apr-93 Parish Hall, Cleobury Mortimer Mr Breezy, F.O.K 
3 26-Mar-93 Market Tavern, Kidderminster Pop am Good, Funbug 
2 16-Jan-93 Market Tavern, Kidderminster Mr Breezy, 20thC Hymn
1 19-Dec-92 Parish Hall, Cleobury Mortimer First gig as SISTER SAVAGE and the Buggered Nuns