Sister Sandwich
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Sister Sandwich have been delighting and wowing audiences on the live music scene since way back in 1992; the band have made a name for themselves by reworking pop hits and can add Kylie, Gina G, Lady GaGa and Britney Spears to their growing list of cover-victims as they continue to cover songs they really shouldn’t!!! They also have in their collection some uniquely reworked food themed juke box favourites and punk classics such as The Knack’s ‘My Samosa’, The Clash’s ‘Nice Fry Up’, ‘Livin’ in da toasta’ by Ricky Martin, ‘Bet that you look good wearing Coleslaw’ by the Artic Monkeys and ‘Eat some Trifle’ by the Jam to name but a few. Add to this their impressive number of gigs over the years, the band have also shared the limelight by being on the same billing as The Beat, Eat Static, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Inner City Unit, and Dreadzone.

The ‘Sarnies’ haven’t exactly been prolific when it comes to recording but over the years have released 3 albums including  ‘the Albun’ in 1996, ‘Ready, Bready, Cook!’ in 2000 and ‘Tales from the Toaster’ in 2007


They started off by accident  - calling themselves ‘Sister Savage & the Bu**ered Nuns’ and were just supposed to be playing that gig just as a one-off and now years later the band are still gigging as enthusiastically as ever (if not as regular due mainly to ever demanding work-life and family commitments). They’ve been described as the classic party band and have played all over the country in the most obscure of places…on the sides of mountains, in barns and helicopter hangers at private parties, free festivals and pubs and clubs of various sizes…

But if you get chance to check them out in a rare live performance – it might be worth a night-out as even now they are still getting audiences worked up in a state of manic-comical frenzy as Radio Hereford and Worcester reviewed on their Friday night show The slice of entertainment 'Sister Sandwich' serve up is never run of the mill’ and the CocoMAD festival organisers testified, 'I can't get you out of my head' will from now on be remembered in demented psycho-stalker slow tones. Loads of people raved about the band and the COCOMAD committee all agreed they were one of the best performances of the day’

 The band have also recently been immortalised in local ‘Wyre Forest’ folk-lore by featuring in the second volume of ‘Get your Kicks on the A456’ alongside the likes of Karl Hyde from Underworld and Robert Plant. Click picture below for link....